eVisions - March/April 2015

  • March/April 2015
    Greek Week
    Congrats to the undergrads and their parters in KD and AKL for placing second in Greek Week! This is the latest in several years of high placement. The chapter will be paired with Phi Mu for Homecoming this year.
    Spring Meeting
    The spring meetings for the Housing Corporation and GKAA boards will be held the morning of May 16. Please contact Brett Anwander (banwander@gmail.com) or myself (steve.oslica@gmail.com) if you are interested in attending or in taking on a leadership role in either organization.
    Baseball Games
    Please plan to join us for one of our summer baseball games in May and June. We've already had a good response, especially for the game in St. Louis on June 13. Bring your family and enjoy some time with your fellow Lambda Chis. There is an order form embedded below, or you can access it at this link.
    This year's Homecoming celebration will be the weekend of Oct. 9-10 when the Tigers take on Florida. We have a block of rooms at the Ramada Inn at 63 & 70 for $166/night. To reserve a room, call 1-877-361-2502 and give them group #96623723. We'll have programming at the chapter house again as usual. Look for more details in the coming weeks.
    March/April Birthdays
    GK 396 Robert Mayer
    GK 407 Robert Peterson
    GK 411 James Snyder
    GK 431 Barrie Scott
    GK 437 Richard Nitschke
    GK 467 George Isely
    GK 708 Bradford Meyer
    GK 832 Brian Kurtz
    GK 990 David Roodman
    GK 995 Scott Montgomery
    GK 1011 Ronald Hritzkowin
    GK 1024 Bradley Hosford
    GK 1028 Michael Hull
    GK 1035 Gregory Casady
    GK 1044 Paul Dueringer
    GK 1047 Jeffrey Whitney
    GK 1049 John Landsbaum
    GK 1054 Gregg Wilson
    GK 1074 Eric Singleton
    GK 1094 James Sewell
    GK 1117 Scott Kluesner
    GK 1135 Michael Metheny
    GK 1155 Philip Keating
    GK 1172 Kevin Grojean
    GK 1181 Darin Thomas
    GK 1201 Chris Fuller
    GK 1203 James Dehner
    GK 1206 Charles Cooper
    GK 1209 Patrick Barr
    GK 1217 Matthew Bocklage
    GK 1237 Donald Yocham
    GK 1245 Jason Lovera
    GK 1249 Paul Jones
    GK 1265 Richard Hayes
    GK 1267 Aaron Durham
    GK 1271 Jeffrey Brennan
    GK 1277 Mark Trigg
    GK 1325 Vipul Patel
    GK 1331 Jerry Taylor
    GK 1337 Peter Cerone
    GK 1355 John Kintz
    GK 1358 Ryan Warden
    GK 1374 Bradley Couch
    GK 1379 Michael Brown
    GK 1381 Evan Ericson
    GK 1390 Wiliam Eckelkamp
    GK 1394 Sean Skowronski
    GK 1408 Neil Stanglein
    GK 1415 Neeraj Dalal
    GK 1422 Joseph Freeman
    GK 1425 Matthew Vanronzelen
    GK 1431 Brian McVey
    GK 1442 Marshall Byler
    GK 1443 Kolby Lee
    GK 1444 Steven Kuenzel
    GK 1448 Matthew Polizzi
    GK 1450 Max Bryant
    GK 1456 Elliot Jaros
    GK 1457 Tyler Kessler
    GK 1459 Matthew Lumpkin
    GK 1464 Michael Stirgus
    GK 1471 Benjamin Fowler
    GK 1474 Marvin (Brett) Anwander
    GK 1475 Zachary Bihr
    GK 1482 Michael Dieckhaus
    GK 1490 Gregory Foley
    GK 1504 Jeffery Cantoni
    GK 1505 Tyler Forthaus
    GK 1515 Steven Roedersheimer
    GK 1516 Jerome Johnson
    GK 1528 Brett Strauser
    GK 1530 Graham Freeman
    GK 1537 John Wellington
    GK 1542 Chris Gard
    GK 1555 Ryan Meyer
    GK 1562 Chris Kephart
    GK 1565 Tony Mesnier
    GK 1572 Kevin Heffernan
    GK 1580 Cameron Johnson
    GK 1584 Cameron Cole 
    GK 1601 Charles VanGronigen
    GK 1603 Peter Milosevich
    GK 1618 Andrew Horton
    ZI 657 Myron Peck
    2015 Dues
    Thank you to all those who have already paid their dues for 2015. It helped with the planning of some of our future events immensely. If you haven't yet, please pay your dues for the year or your installment on your lifetime membership promptly. Dues help cover our alumni events throughout the year (Homecoming, happy hours, baseball games, etc.) and give you voting privileges on the housing corporation and in the alumni association. The rates are $50 for general membership, $30 for young alumni who graduated within the last 4 years, and $1000 for lifetime membership payable in 4 yearly installments. You can pay your dues online, or mail them to the Gamma-Kappa Alumni Association, 6715 Glades Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 63139.
    Our next newsletter will be in May
    Thank you again, as always, for your support of Lambda Chi Alpha at Mizzou.