eVisions - January 2015

  • January 2015
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    Happy New Year!
    We hope everyone had a great holiday season and that your 2015 is off to a good start. This is a test of a new format for our newsletter, so please send us your feedback and let us know what you think. Hopefully, this will allow us to be more flexible and combine more information into fewer, more convenient messages.
    2015 Dues
    Please get your dues for the year or your installment on your lifetime membership paid promptly. Dues help cover our alumni events throughout the year (Homecoming, happy hours, baseball games, etc.) and give you voting privileges on the housing corporation and in the alumni association. The rates are $50 for general membership, $30 for young alumni who graduated within the last 4 years, and $1000 for lifetime membership payable in 4 yearly installments. You can pay your dues online, or mail them to the Gamma-Kappa Alumni Association, 6715 Glades Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 63139.
    Baseball Games
    Mark your calendars now for Saturday, May 23 in Kansas City and Saturday, June 13 in St. Louis when we have group seating reserved at the Cardinals-Royals interleage series. Tickets will be $35/piece and will go on sale soon. Look for details in a future e-mail.
    This year's Homecoming celebration will be the weekend of Oct. 9-10 when the Tigers take on Florida. We have a block of rooms at the Ramada Inn at 63 & 70 again, and we'll have programming at the chapter house again as usual. Look for more details in the coming weeks.
    January Birthdays
    GK 422 Richard Wood
    GK 569 Kerry McGill
    GK 674 Michael Myrick
    GK 989 Gregory Theodore
    ZE 751 Jason Brown
    GK 1026 Ronald Hood
    GK 1008 Mark Melvin
    GK 1002 Bret Kimes
    GK 1060 Mark Waters
    GK 1107 Steven Pfannenstiel
    GK 1061 David Slavin
    GK 1178 Scott Lovera
    GK 1120 Ed Taylor
    GK 1085 Michael Boltzman
    GK 1161 Mark Growe
    GK 1133 William Lawson
    GK 1118 David Schneider
    GK 1124 Michael Pybass
    GK 1222 Jeffrey Colvin
    GK 1174 John Hart
    GK 1180 Keith Steinbecker
    GK 1205 Bret Smothers
    GK 1252 Will Lackey
    GK 1232 John Wells
    GK 1202 Daniel Weinstein
    GK 1273 Brian Alkire
    GK 1247 Jon Ficken
    GK 1270 Henry Albrecht
    GK 1248 Craig Doolin
    GK 1272 Michael Keller
    GK 1297 Patrick Priesmeyer
    GK 1262 Timothy Nimmer
    GK 1326 David Fendler
    GK 1321 Bret Tracy
    GK 1338 Matthew Kluba
    GK 1371 Jeremy Boettler
    GK 1362 Charles Hamill
    GK 1368 Jacob Schmucker
    GK 1430 Kevin Andounian
    GK 1401 Aaron Flynn
    GK 1436 Derrick Berry
    GK 1413 Myral Watson
    GK 1412 Aaron Scully
    GK 1393 Paul DeFoe
    GK 1421 Andre Schneider
    GK 1449 Devin Barry
    GK 1402 Jarett Olivastro
    GK 1553 Joel Brocato
    GK 1560 Aaron Finnegan
    GK 1567 Mark Joseph
    GK 1561 Keenan Patel
    GK 1582 Johnny Hamilton
    GK 1602 Matthew Russell
    GK 1588 Paso Milak
    GK 1583 John Jansen
    • Brother John Kadlec, GK 371, passed away in October.
    • Brother Leo Scott, GK 798, passed away earlier this month.
    Our next newsletter will be in February
    The next housing corporation/alumni association board meeting will be in March (date TBA).
    Thank you again, as always, for your support of Lambda Chi Alpha at Mizzou.