eVisions - February 2015

  • February 2015
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    It's newsletter time again

    Hope everyone has had a great couple weeks since our last edition. As winter comes to a close, and we can start looking forward to spring and summer, we've got a lot of exciting things happening in the next couple months that we're looking forward to sharing with you. Thank you to everyone who sent feedback on last month's edition of the newsletter. I've tried to incorporate it all into this issue. As always, if you have any questions, suggestions or concerns, please feel free to contact me by e-mail or by phone.

    — Steve Oslica
    GK 1534
    (314) 852-1525
    Helping one of our own
    Brother Jon Dinter, GK 1392, and his wife Jayme recently became the parents of two twin boys who were born prematurely in December. Two of Jon's colleagues at Battle High School in Columbia have set up a Go Fund Me page to help cover some of their medical expenses. Details and a link to the Go Fund Me page are available in this Columbia Daily Tribune story.
    New Initiates
    Welcome to our newest brothers who were initiated at the beginning of this month:

    GK 1758 Dave Klinkhardt
    GK 1759 Stephen Malek
    GK 1760 Jack Radetic
    GK 1761 Colin Corley
    GK 1762 Stephen Petralia
    GK 1763 Adam Klein
    GK 1764 Nicholas Hulsey
    GK 1765 Joey Rosga
    GK 1766 Nick Helmbacher
    GK 1767 Max Mans
    GK 1768 Dimitri Iordanou
    GK 1769 Kevin Assoian
    GK 1770 Jake Frank

    GK 1771 Alex Yao
    GK 1772 Brad Walton
    GK 1773 Sean Vogt
    GK 1774 Mitch Metheny
    GK 1775 Clayton Siems
    GK 1776 David Stewart
    GK 1777 Charlie Garside
    GK 1778 Andrew Bernskoetter
    GK 1779 Brandon Westhoff
    GK 1780 C.J. Whisnant
    GK 1781 Connor Wiemann
    GK 1782 Connor Miles


    Baseball Games
    Mark your calendars now for Saturday, May 23 in Kansas City and Saturday, June 13 in St. Louis when we have group seating reserved at the Cardinals-Royals interleague series. Tickets will be $33/piece in Kansas City and $27/piece in St. Louis. Spouses and families are certainly welcome. You can buy your tickets online at http://gkaasummerbaseball15.eventbrite.com/.
    This year's Homecoming celebration will be the weekend of Oct. 9-10 when the Tigers take on Florida. We have a block of rooms at the Ramada Inn at 63 & 70 for $166/night. To reserve a room, call 1-877-361-2502 and give them group # 96623723. We'll have programming at the chapter house again as usual. Look for more details in the coming weeks.
    February Birthdays
    GK 415 Robert Adelsperger
    GK 480 Jerry Hess
    GK 562 Dennis Morgan
    GK 619 Danny Brewer
    GK 900 David Smith
    GK 957 Jon Bush
    GK 983 Christopher Schulte
    GK 1003 Kenneth Evans
    GK 1076 David Garrison
    GK 1052 Brian Sullivan
    GK 1064 John Callihan
    GK 1083 Michael Jarman
    GK 1088 Douglas Eisenhart
    GK 1097 Timothy Luft
    GK 1179 Stephen Baum
    GK 1163 Gordon Yeager
    GK 1182 John Albrecht
    GK 1193 Robert Wolken
    GK 1218 Todd Cribb
    GK 1223 James Lohse
    GK 1253 Brian Grenia
    GK 1278 Donald Fendler
    GK 1320 Clayton Bellamy
    GK 1323 Christopher Berg
    GK 1344 Jason Gregory
    GK 1348 John Compton
    GK 1357 John Kuhn
    GK 1365 Jonathan Seiter
    GK 1380 Jonathan Petter
    GK 1423 Douglas Surber
    GK 1454 Jordan Garcia
    GK 1392 Jonathan Dinter
    GK 1458 Mike Landau
    GK 1461 Michael Moorefield
    GK 1469 Steven Dragan
    GK 1468 Jonathan Lusardi
    GK 1478 Chris Gu
    GK 1501 Bryan VanGronigen
    GK 1503 Samuel Reed
    GK 1508 Michael Rice
    GK 1541 Garret Schmidt
    GK 1540 Ben Pepin
    GK 1545 Brendan Marks
    GK 1569 Peter Brock
    GK 1604 Jacob Wren
    2015 Dues
    Thank you to all those who have already paid their dues for 2015. It helped with the planning of some of our future events immensely. If you haven't yet, please pay your dues for the year or your installment on your lifetime membership promptly. Dues help cover our alumni events throughout the year (Homecoming, happy hours, baseball games, etc.) and give you voting privileges on the housing corporation and in the alumni association. The rates are $50 for general membership, $30 for young alumni who graduated within the last 4 years, and $1000 for lifetime membership payable in 4 yearly installments. You can pay your dues online, or mail them to the Gamma-Kappa Alumni Association, 6715 Glades Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 63139.
    Our next newsletter will be in March
    Thank you again, as always, for your support of Lambda Chi Alpha at Mizzou.